Food Forest Kralingen

Werkdag 2 mei 2014Wouldn’t it be beautiful if we could turn the public space of the City of Rotterdam and its surroundings into a green and sustainable environment that needs little maintenance, produces food and will last for generations ?

Inspired by this idea the volunteer working group “Foodforest Kralingen” emerged. About 18 volunteers are actually working to realise a Foodforest of 800 square meters and inform the people about its existence. The Foodforest was planted on the 15th of December 2013 in the park “Nieuwe Plantage” in the suburb of Kralingen and was oficially opened on the 18th of May 2014.

publiek 3What is a Food forest ?
A Foodforest is a plant ecosystem created bij man consisting of an extremely high amount of edible plant species. A clever use is made of ecological principles which are typical for a natural forest.

The Food forest in the park “Nieuwe Plantage” is one of the first in the Netherlands. This Food forest is unique because it is the first one in an urban environment. Food Forestry Netherlands has planted the first Dutch Food forest 5 years ago near the city of Nijmegen and they also made the design of the Rotterdam Food forest. We want to give this forest an educational function as well. It will be a source of knowledge and inspiration, available for everyone who would like to realise such a food forest himself.